27th October 2020

Who We Are



We are the biologists, specifically, researchers in the field of Life sciences and we are in love with nature. The ideology of every biologist is to understand the basic as well as the critical part of biology. While you are a graduate student, you need well defined and well-explained notes, and when you are a Ph. D scholar you need analytical explanation and ideas for designing your hypotheses, sometimes you may also need such reading materials that may click an idea and to generate a hypothesis.

Here we provide all such information such as basic biology in chapters, research methodology, recent researches, protocols that may support your research, interpretation of your experimental results, and about how to write a research or a review article.

Our Aim

BioTriva’s aim to provide biology in the easiest but deeply analyzed form. We aim to elevate your thinking ability, your ability of critical analysis so that you are awesome in exams and can bring out the best from your novel research and ultimately from nature. We want to empower you so that every budding Scientist shall be a novel benefit to the population via biology.