27th October 2020

How To Pursue Ph.D. (Psychological Guide to Aspirants)


I am a Ph. D scholar who has just finished the thesis, it took a whole 6 years for me to complete my thesis and I am about to be Dr. that feels amazing, and how people look at you makes you feel better. When I was about to begin after senior secondary the first question in my mind was “How To Pursue Ph.D.”

How To Pursue Ph.D. -BioTrivia

To tell you the truth these are the two feelings which you should feel less, since when I was visiting Ph.D. guides, 3 out of 5  professors asked me whether I want to make a Ph. D as a factor of being praised for, or do you want to be famous among friends and family or you want to sound intelligent among guys? And their suggestions were “ try not to be so”.

That made it very clear in my mind that Ph. D is totally not about intelligence glamour, it’s definitely about something I need to learn.

And the journey begins-  well this was not the first step of my Ph. D journey. I did a whole lot of calculations like the first things I made myself ready for is” it may take a lot of years, 5 years allotted”.

That’s not true in every case, the time period to complete may vary between 3 to 6 years, and believe me during my journey I had heard bunches of teasings from friends and family, such as “how much will you study and how long, see your friends and cousins settled it jobs and marriage” eeuuhhhhhh….!!!!  Simply shut down your brain during such inputs to your brain.

Here we are to answer all your questions about How to pursue Ph. D.

Now,  if you have qualified research eligibility tests like NET in India or others, such as TOEFL for abroad, then these are the Physiological and Psychological steps you need to follow.

4 Essential Steps about How To Pursue Ph.D.

Step 1-  Make up your mind or understand your long term passion

Make up your mind strong to be on track no matter what, let people have cars with a good job within a short time, let people getting married with a happy family. Later you will definitely realize why your decision to stick with Ph. D was far superior to others. It doesn’t mean you will not have a car, house, or marriage….you will definitely have everything but at a better level than others.

While doing your masters you might have some soft corner for some subjects or some topics or might have some interest in some disease or else, which keeps your mind automatically inclined towards or some subjects which you love to study.

Step 2- Qualify the Research eligibility test

For pursuing a Ph. D you need to qualify a research eligibility test and then you can apply in the host institutes of your choice. It may hardly take a year or 2 attempts or maybe a single attempt with 100 % effort to qualify these types of exams.

Step 3 – Select some  fields or topic of research

Subject or topic which you are passionate about or have some heart and brain born interest because passion is the only energy drink that will keep you cultivate food of research for the brain.

While I was in masters I had a special interest in Cancer biology and had a special interest in IIT.

Step 4- Select a number of Host institutes  and apply

Select a number of Host institutes that have guides working on the subject of your interest.

These steps will make you very clear about your Ph. D.  Now lets come back to the point when I started visiting institutes to give my vivas or you can say interviews, and the questions they asked were some related to subjects and I felt that the questions, their advice were more about my sincerity my loyalty and effort I was making towards research and my passion towards science.

What Matters Most in Ph. D

Above all this something that makes you a true researcher is your curiosity, inquisitiveness, and passion to learn more,  your passion to become more applicable to humanity and love for humanity.

Since I was working on breast cancer, I always had to go through this dilemma that if I need tumor samples to work somebody has to go through breast cancer or let’s think in the other way if I am getting a sample from a breast cancer patients, these patients have given a part of their body, a piece of their hope a belief in that few milligrams of tissue and that definitely can’t be wasted.

I have to give my 100% to bring out the best information which should be above the mediocrity that may serve the future of treatments in breast cancer or various disease treatments.

Ph. D gives you a self-governed lifestyle

Be a kind of scientist who is living for research. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a life other than work, you may have the best self-governed life once you are into Ph. D or has completed a Ph. D.  Someone who loves the thrill of experiments, laboratories, and science and love to be challenged in various ways while facing impossibilities that need to be made possible. One has to be passionate about introducing new techniques and generating fresh innovative ideas, You can definitely be  Someone who may contribute to the next huge scientific breakthrough.

Research Always looks for new approaches, you will definitely enjoy working in an environment of freedom that offers you to explore and implement your ideas anytime.

So How To Pursue Ph.D. is all about admission and more about to combine a natural curiosity and develop a stronger technical ability with a genuine love of science and the possibilities of impossibles and to find the knowledge of the unknown, unravel the hidden, and solve the mysteries of Science.

Have a beautiful journey ahead

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