27th October 2020

About Us

Life Sciences are above all that serves humanity. This is the only subject that demands extreme research and development. Now a day, every other subject tries to implement it into the pharmaceutical, clinical and medical companies. We could say that Life science is the ocean where all the rivers want to pour itself. Saving life and serving life are the two mainstream ideas of the Earth. Technologies serve life, but saving life needs more of clinical and medical researchers. Thus the Earth needs more of us. BioTrivia guides you in various ways to be one of us, the researchers later becoming a wonderful scientist.

Set of scientists doing research - Biotrivia

Here you will find answers to all your inquisitive questions, techniques to be an author, techniques of critical and analytical thinking.

BioTrivia Compilation

#1. BioTrivia Life Science covers most of the difficult chapters and topics of various biological subjects, in the most understandable form.

#2. Bio Trivia Protocol Guides you at different stages of your research by suggestive protocols that can be used in your study. Published research articles generally hide vital information in their research methodologies, which makes it difficult to understand for a newcomer and even at later stages and it takes several attempts to solve the riddle. Here we provide protocol in an understandable and standardized form.

#3. Bio Trivia Blog is the food for your mysterious brain, find articles and blogs that may open doors of your knowledge and ideas. It may also click new research ideas in your brain.

#4. Our Ph. D Virtual Guide will help you with all the requirements of writing a research or a review article. To help you have a vision with a different perspective that may surely guide you to cope with struggles that every Ph. D student undergoes. Our mission is to make people love and be passionate about life science and relieve their struggles.